Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Cover and Book! Do You Believe in Magic?

I have a brand new book coming out October 1st at and I just received the cover I love it!

Do You Believe in Magic?
Jewel Adams

The flash of shiny metal caught his attention just in time to move as the bullet whizzed past his head. “Hey! Inside! I’m Captain Clay Banyon of the US Army, put the damn gun away!” He took a deep breath to control his temper. “The Indians are gone, you can come out now.”
Ali’s only problem was she didn’t want to come out or even be here! Just seeing anything beyond the stagecoach might be more than her mind could handle.
When Ali gave in and played her god-daughter’s game pretending they live in the old west, using a garage sale—crystal ball, little did she know—magic would change their lives forever.
She possessed a name, a profession and she felt ridiculously grateful to the power that brought them to this…Magic Time.

Jewel Adams - Best Selling author - Romance with a touch of Spice!

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