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Things are hopping in Jewel's world, she just released Afternoon Delights and now Under Cover Love is available!
Two great erotic romance reads that will fill your day with a touch of spice.

Come take a peak of...


Jewel Adams

Katie finally lands a job in what she believes is the safest place in San Diego—serving nearly four-hundred police breakfast and lunch should be the last place her ex could find her.

Cash Hayden is right up there in the danger line-up. When Cash pulls the fiery Kate into his undercover life, he wants the woman he finds—regardless of the risks.

Can Katie learn to trust once more? Will they survive the danger that comes with the man she is falling in love with?


New Beginnings

“You take over the register Katie, while we go on break. Should just be coffee and desserts now that lunch is over.”

“All right Bea.” The register? Katie needed to fight down the nervous rise in her stomach. The second day and already she tackled everything from the grill to making pies and stuffing. Now this...

She must have done alright or Bea wouldn’t leave her alone. Katie liked the older lady. It was a relief to work with nice women for a change. Even the cops weren’t all that bad. Most joked with her, Katie figured it was their way of welcoming the new girl.

She served them all lunch, from the motorcycle cops, a tough looking group, to plain-clothes and vice. Even the chief of police came in for lunch after the rush. She felt the chief and the captain of vice looking her over from their table. She wondered if they would check her out, probably thought she was a pothead, even though she hated the stuff. No, Katie stayed away from anything that messed with her mind.

Checking on the coffee urns and stew cooking on the stove, she looked up when hearing the double glass doors opening. The men she watched enter the dining room gave her chills, causing her to search for the police that no longer filled the room. “Damn, where are they when you need them.”

Seeing that the three men were heading her way, she tried to brush away the thought that they came to rob the place. After all, this was the police station. They were the type of men any sane person would cross the street to avoid.

They started filling coffee mugs, Katie wasn’t sure what to do. She wished she could ignore the fact they didn’t belong, trouble was the last thing Katie wanted. She needed this job, but the dining room was off-limits to anyone but cops. She found it hard to meet the leader’s eyes— feeling in them. With a skull tattoo and shaggy salt and pepper hair that fell in long strands past his shoulders, he looked like he just parked his chopper. Arrogant too, which did little to boost Katie’s courage.

She took a deep breath, “Mister, I think you’re in the wrong place, this is a policeman’s only dining room.”

The way he scanned the empty room before half smiling at his companions, told Katie he meant to cause trouble.

“You saying, I don’t belong?”

The challenge in his low voice stiffened Katie. “Yeah and I want to keep my job, so no offense, but take the coffee and go.” The guy acted like he went out of his way to attract trouble. Didn’t he realize where he stood?

“I’ll pay for the coffee, just go.” Katie’s eyes jumped when his hands set the cup down, she half expected the troopers to storm the place at any moment. “Look, I said I would take care of it, just go.” She regretted her nervous slip when he gave her a half smile.

“Couldn’t impose, besides this is the police station...right?”

Dense besides. No shit! Formed on her lips but thankfully remained silent.

“Could you hold this for me, sister.”

She glared back at him as he stretched out his hand, palm down to her.

Deciding it might be better not to refuse, if it helped get them out of here, Katie raised her hand under his. She got a sick feeling he could hurt her. Pain wasn’t unknown to her...her jaw tightened, refusing to let old fears rule.

It took a second before the true weight of what he released into her palm registered. Then as if time rushed forward, her gaze fell to the object and she automatically reacted to be rid of it. “Damn, you really are crazy!”

Everything seemed to go into slow motion as all three men moved to catch the gun twirling in the air above their heads. With an almost natural ease the man reached out and caught the gun before it ever began descending.

“You’re working in the wrong place to be afraid of guns, missy.”

Katie eyes fired at the raised hand holding the offensive thing, to the bright, cool green eyes drilling their way through her. It wasn’t fear that held her frozen in place staring back at him. “And you are a sadistic, get out!” Too furious with him to raise her voice over the dead calm delivery that made him blink and his cohorts fidget.

Without even thinking about it, she moved her finger over the button under the counter. Bea showed her the alarm this morning. Never taking her eyes from his, her finger calmly pressed the small button setting off the silent alarm. Katie never expected to be doing something like this, at least not her second day at work and now probably her last.

Resigned to what would come and unemployment once again, Katie felt the tension slip away. Hearing the sound of running feet, and holsters slapping thighs and hands, Katie’s gaze never faltered from the darkening awareness boring into her.

“You really should have left as I asked.” A blur of figures surrounded them, words were shouted and still they stood there as if isolated from the chaos surrounding them.

“Alright Hayden, what the fuck is going on?”

The cursing man in uniform finally broke through to Katie. In a rush she took in the 20 or so officers pointing guns at the three men and her. “He has a gun.” It was all she could think to say.

She saw the officer in charge rolled his eyes at the ceiling. Katie always prided herself on not being slow on the uptake and understanding hit like a blast. Her eyes narrowed on the man responsible for the disaster, “cops, that’s just really are a world-class bastard!”

The label undercover raced through her mind and Katie knew, as the various guns were being holstered, that she’d been royally screwed by a pro.

Deciding it would be useless to defend the riot she caused, Katie slipped off her apron and placed it over Mr. Narc’s coffee. “I can’t say it wasn’t...interesting.” Spinning about, she took two steps and reached to get her purse. Shutting out everyone still milling around, her gaze only lingered on the confused and speechless, Bea. “Sorry Bea, I really liked working with you.”

Without a backward glance, Katie forced her feet to march past the gaping men and ranting Sergeant, deciding the job probably wasn’t the right choice to start with; anti-establishment in the midst of the main force didn’t make much sense.

Ignoring the sound of her name being called, Katie kept going, only drawing a deep breath when she reached daylight. Walking 20 or so city blocks sounded preferable to sitting in front of the station and waiting for a bus. “A frick’n cop, no Katie, narc through and through. He probably got his jollies off scaring the shit out of you!”

The anger finally simmered to the surface and her steps hasten to walk it off. She wanted to ignore the humiliation she suffered. “Damn him, I really like that job.” Katie refused to acknowledge the feeling of safety being there gave to her, a place where her ex would never venture to get her. For a brief moment she closed her eyes against the fear still living inside of her because of her ex-husband.

“Damn him!” She couldn’t say which man she cursed at the moment. They all fell into the anger and self-pity tearing at her.

Pulling the combs from her hair, she let her fingers raked out the coil of lush red hair, letting it fall and blow about her like the cloak. Katie chose to ignore everything around her, concentrating only on walking up the streets and into the throng of people.

* * * *

Cash picked up his pace, throwing off the thoughts of calling to her again. The little spitfire shut out the world back in the cafeteria. He’d seen pride before in men, but hers became almost tangible. He hadn’t been able to resist playing with her.

Katie, yeah that’s what Bea called her. Katie, Irish no doubt, with a temper that came like flash fire and was as hot as that sassy red hair swaying around her hips. She already proved to be a handful, tough too. Cash smiled, remembering how she stood up to him. He felt intrigued by her almost at once. Strange, he rarely let anyone touch him with their eyes. He liked what he saw, including those sashaying hips he couldn’t stop watching. He remembered her eyes, she wasn’t on anything, no, he knew that look in someone all too well. This girl’s were clean, so fresh, and in more ways than he liked to admit, ways that stirred his blood and sent his cock throbbing.

He wondered if that coolness she held would have remained in place if they’d been anywhere else. Hell, the gun might have been a bit much. He never should have done that. Yet, she never told the Sergeant what he did. Why didn’t she defend herself?


Tempering Desires

Cash started to catch up to her and the question hit him—why was he following her? Anyone could have come and told her she still held her job. Damn, he hated apologizing for anything to anyone, let alone some Irish hot head that probably wanted to burn him with those the amber eyes of hers.

Katie wasn’t in the mood for anyone bothering her right now and gave hardly a thought to the jerk on her shoulder bag. “Get lost!”

Neither did she stop to think when the hold turned serious and came with a strong arm about her waist.

Her kick came fast and effective, earning a solid grunt. In the back of her mind, Katie knew there would be anger directed at her in retaliation. Past abuse made her swear never to submit to any, ever again. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t backing off and his renewed attack became more than even Katie’s temper could deal with. The realization she should be afraid struck her about the same time he tackled her and she found herself lying beneath him on the sidewalk.

Cash’s heavy breathing had little to do with the surprising effort it took to subdued Ms. Kate. Yes Kate, not Katie, feeling every lustful curve and rounded mound beneath him said she wasn’t some child, no sir, woman through and through. Dangerous, wild and damn ornery.

Katie couldn’t hide her surprise over what just happened, seeing the man up close and exactly who held her captive came as a shock and felt very disturbing. “What no cuffs?”

Damn, Cash couldn’t believe she actually taunted him. “Do you always slug everyone trying to get your attention?”

“I doubt I could ignore a big, bad, po...”

Suddenly realizing what she was about to announce to the gathering crowd, Cash didn’t have time to think.

His lips were crushing, just before they became too persuasive for Katie’s senses to combat. So warm, searching as if asking a lover to respond in kind...this, no he, proved outrageous!

The only part of her, his huge body didn’t control, were her fingers and she used them.

“Damn you! You pinched me....”

Sometime in her life someone must have told her it would be dangerous to rile a lion. He certainly looked like one at that moment, making her regret the loss of his surprisingly sexy lips. Before his temper engulfed her she spoke out, “Let me up this instant.”

In less than a minute she nearly blew his cover on the streets and then delivered so many surprises that he didn’t want to release her, but keep on kissing and discovering the woman he somehow tangled with today.

“Hey Roach, doing them in the streets now?”

Cash’s low curse brushed against the soft lips trying to pull back from his own. It seemed his afternoon kept getting worse. At that moment Cash faced the unpleasant reality he could just have ended his rather, dark and unsavory career, especially if the Irish witch had her way with him. Staring hard into the golden fire she lashed him with “Nah, Rocket, the bitch tried to weasel out on a deal.”

Katie swallowed hard over what she heard and sensed in his answer to the intruder she couldn’t see beyond Hayden’s broad shoulders. The physical change in the body still burning into her, told her how lethal he just became. For the second time in one day, Katie wished she wasn’t so quick to understand.

Narc, oh yeah, undercover in a big way, she got a sick feeling she literally fell into his other life. Forcing her gaze up to meet his, Katie wanted to groan over the deadly serious glare he returned to insure she understood. If she held any hope the intruder would let him release her, it died over the painful hold Hayden retained on her arm as he brought her to her feet. She bit her lip to keep from lashing out at him. Only telling herself a cop held her kept her quiet.

“She’s not your usual type, Roach.”

“If she’s useful...she’s my type.”

Being part of the nasty conversation, without defending herself, made Katie try to pull way, only to be jerked solidly back against Hayden.

Facing the stranger glaring at her proved almost worse than suffering the heated length of Hayden’s erection pressing into her backside. She couldn’t stop focusing on the thick heat. She tried to move away, but it felt like his fire sucked the air out of her.

The man in front of her smiled in a sick way as if he knew exactly where her thoughts rested. She would have melted back against Hayden, but fear took over. This Rocket creep wiped out any doubts she possessed that Hayden ran with bikers. The man’s vest clearly declared his gang’s colors. The bare, forceful arms and black leather pants emphasized the lethal power he carried all on his own.

Cash felt the woman’s awareness shift from him and the hard-on her touch evoked. Somewhere he lost his decency, he regretted the loss of her lush curves as she pulled away. She only leaned back to seek the protection he offered from Rocket. Cash inwardly cringed, seeing how Rocket’s eyes brightened as they moved over Kate.

“I can see why you chased her down, Roach. Nice...very nice.”

Cash caught her arm before she could swing at Rocket’s hand as it moved down her breast. Using his strength he pulled his arm tighter about her waist knocking the air out of her and silencing most of the nasty words she started to spit out at the man.

“Spirit too, too bad she yours, of course I’d be glad to relieve you of the burden.”

Cash became too busy trying to control Kate’s renewed efforts to break free, to prevent Rocket from gathering her purse from the pavement. He knew what would come before Rocket fingered her ID badge on the strap. Kate must have seen the man’s interest, she instantly stilled her struggles.

Rocket’s cold black gaze raised slowly to Kate’s before confronting Cash.

“Dangerous playmate, Roach.”

“She works in the cafeteria, useful not dangerous, Rocket.”

Katie decided Hayden’s friend reminded her of a horror movie villain as he studied her, taking in her soiled white uniform. Katie tried to tell herself this wasn’t really happening, Hayden was a cop! He wouldn’t let them hurt her! Would he?

Waiting to get her answer seemed absurd. She held no idea of how far any narc would go to keep his cover from being blown. Katie decided she didn’t want to know.

“I told you, the lady and I have a business deal coming down. Don’t we kitten?”

Avoiding his lips at her temple Katie didn’t need any more of this game, “let me go you bastard!”

“Now, now, kitten we haven’t finished negotiating.” Cash looked pointedly at Rocket, wondering if the bastard would ignore his hint to leave.

“Why don’t you both come to the club tonight?” Tearing his eyes away from Kate’s glaring ones, “that is if you can tame the tigress by then, but not too much Roach, I like’m wild.”

Katie snapped her mouth shut as Rocket disappeared into the pedestrians moving around them.

“Now will you let me go?”

“Not a chance Kate, he still watching.”

Katie refused to look, besides, the jerk Hayden gave her didn’t allow it. “Uh, uh, kitten your more convincing when you’re mad.”

“I doubt I’d ever be anything but that in your company!”

He moved so fast Katie couldn’t say how she ended up facing him. Feeling his iron strength against her awoke the desire he so easily stirred back to life. She suffered his overwhelming heat, making Katie’s head drop to shield the betrayal she feared he’d see. But Hayden proved to be more of obnoxious than she could have imagined.

Cupping her chin in his hand Cash forced her to meet his gaze. If Rocket was watching Cash wanted him to get an eye full, “Too bad they can’t actually burn me kitten. It would solve both our problems.”

Katie never really played the dense female, but she suddenly felt the necessity. “My only problem is your continued use of brute force against me.”

“Try again kitten.” Cash enjoyed her far too much to let her try to block him out. His dick wanted to bury itself deep inside her sweet sex. He never felt such an instant desire for a woman before.

“Look, I’m tired, it’s been a long, unusual day, all I want to do is go home and soak in a tub. Oh yeah, and search the want ads, again!” He didn’t look very pleased with her honest answer. When his gaze left hers and fastened on her lips, Katie’s adrenaline started pumping. “Hayden....”

“Roach, that’s what I’m called.”

“I can imagine why.”

His smile could have devastated a lesser person, but Katie already discovered how dangerous Mr. Undercover could be to her sensual physique.

Male force won over the struggle she waged not to revisit his passionate side. Only this time Cash forgot about any easy sampling and Katie’s response started deep inside before gathering power and racing through her like wildfire.

Cash rested his forehead against hers, their quickened breath battled each other before he found the stamina to straighten way. “He’s right you’re no kitten...”

She couldn’t hide the blush flooding her face. Losing control seemed to come with a man. “Can we end this display now?”

“Tch, tch, such a tough lady. Who burned you, Kate?”

Her eyes flashed with more than the fire he’d given life to, making Hayden regret how deep his barb cut through her. “Kate, I’m...”

“Forget it.” She pushed him away and stormed off.

Cash’s hand closed over the purse she left at his feet. A spring of laughter escaped as he watched her get lost in the crowd, surprising even him. He reached inside her purse and pulled out the wallet and looked at the address, “Spring Valley.” The smile left his lips, “Damn you, Kate!” He wondered if she knew he couldn’t follow her with this? He smiled at his own answer, “but you don’t know me, Miss Kate.”

Cash can be one dangerous and determined man and he's set his sights on Kate. If you want to find out what is happening get your copy of Under Cover Love right now!
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