Thursday, February 17, 2011

WORDS OF LOVE by Jewel Adams

Winter is about over and I'm cheering on spring. I think I've had enough snow... it can stop anytime LOL.
I've got so many things going on :) Lots to tell you about.

Excitement rains over the beginning of my WORDS OF LOVE SERIES on romance writing. Come Monday - V
alentines Day, will begin the opening of the Night Writers blog. The Words of Love Series was such a great hit when I did it a few years ago, I thought it would be wonderful to bring it back. I can't wait to bring this to all the writers out there that have always wanted to write a Romance novel. We are going to have a lot of fun, while learning all about how to write a Romance novel. I will start the Words of Love series on Thursday, Feb. 17th with new parts posted each week on Thursday. I'll be around to answer any questions, so don't be shy.

There are a lot of prizes so come on over to our grand open
ing at the Night Writers Blog -

Be sure to come on over and see what all seven authors are up to and enter for the prizes - there is something for everyone!
My new website is coming along very well
I'll be posting all the Words of Love Series on my site as well. The whole blogging medium is still new to me. You would think it silly, but I'm trying to put it to use on my website. I thought it would be nice to post my writing progress on my blog. I hope you'll come over and take a look, maybe give words of encouragement on my projects :)
Oh, I do post coupons for one Book of the month. No, not for free, but the coupons do get your 50% off the featured book of the month :) I have picked my favorite "All Time
Bestseller" love story: SAVAGE DESTINY - The story of Blackhawk and Cali the coupon code will be good through March 31st and brings the price to $2.50: JH76T
Just use the coupon at check out through Smashwords:

Not only are my books available through Smashwords, they are now up at the following retailers: Barnes & Nobel, Sony, Kobo, Apple and Diesel. You can get any format you need through my publisher: Smashwords
Just go to my page: to get the links to each book. The books are priced from $2.99 to $4.99. The coupons are only good at Smashwords.
Have a great Valentine Day!

Jewel Adams
Romance with a Touch of Spice
Join Jewel at the Night Writers blog for her Words of Love Series
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