Monday, February 28, 2011

WORDS OF LOVE by Jewel Adams

The second article in the Words of Love - Romance Writing series has been posted at Night Writers' Blog The Words of Love series is for all the writers out there that want to write in the Romance Genres. It is a free writing series offered by Bestselling romance author Jewel Adams. The series will take you through the total process of writing your novel, from setting up your writing space, how to write those love scenes or action fights, to completing the editing and submissions. Series parts are post each Thursday :)
The current part is:


Setting the Stage

You are sitting in your special space and have all your tools ready to begin writing. The question now facing you is what do I write?

Romance Fiction is one of the largest and most varied genres of available fiction. To find the perfect way to begin writing you first need to decide on what type of Romance Fiction you want to write. The possibilities are endless and every one of them sounds exciting, but you need to choose one.

To make it easy on yourself, let’s start by asking, what is your favorite type of Romance Fiction? Out of all the books you have read, which romance genre do you constantly come back to? Mystery, Western, Gothic, Time Travel, Fantasy­—once you narrow the possibilities down to a couple favorites, pick one. Remember, it is always better to write about something you know...

It doesn't matter when you come over and join, the parts will be left up at Jewel's Way website and on the Night Writers' Blog.
The series is a lot of fun and will help get your Words of Love put into that novel. Oh, and don't be shy, if you have questions just post them or email me.

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