Friday, March 4, 2011

3rd Part of WORDS OF LOVE - Romance Writing Series is Live


Here you are sitting in your cubby, poised over the keyboard or with pencil in hand; Sassy and Grant are staring at you from that fabulous setting…waiting. That’s right your main characters are waiting for you. They are ready to expose all if you are ready.
I can hear you saying, hmm, Jewel’s lost her cookies, but I haven’t, not yet. You see--you need to open those eyes right now and visualize your novel pages. All the insight you are going to begin to feel, sense and see must come to you through your characters. They are the way all and see all of the story. You need to forget what you think and allow yourself to see the story through the eyes and senses of the people in the story.
You may be asking how can I do this? ...
Come over and find out at the Night Writers' Blog. Every Thursday a new part of the Words of Love - Romance Writing Series will be posted. Or come over to Jewel's Way and read all the parts. It doesn't matter when you start the series, the posts will be available.

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