Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jewel's March Newsletter Romance With a Touch of Spice

Is it spring yet? I actually saw some geese this week, no robins yet. But, the six foot high banks of snow are shrinking. Oh yeah, it is warming up and I'm looking forward to those daffodils.

Not only am I excited about spring, but I have so much news to share with all of you. First, this week through March 12th my publisher Smashwords is celebrating READ AN EBOOK WEEK and my books are part of RAEW. You can get my books from free to $1 to $2 to $2.50 with coupons that discount the retail price. These coupons are good only at Smashwords. I change the free book(s) each day and the coupon discounts, so come by and check every day. If you have any of my books on your wish list then this is the time to get them! Just go to my Smashbooks author page, all my books are listed there with links to their page, the coupons are listed on each page :)
Smashwords is my new publisher, the books are also at the major retailers: Apple US AU GB and others, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel, and soon Kindle. All the major ebook formats, html, word, rtf and more formats are available at Smashwords. I thought as I'm with a new publisher that I and other authors, and our readers need a "New Author Reader Group". I've made one called Smashromance at yahoo groups. I hope you will join :) We can have a lot of fun and you will meet many of your favorite authors. I'm looking forward to conversing with my readers and friends. Oh, we can have contest too. You know I love contests and giving out prizes :) Like I said, lots of fun. So come on over and join the group:

The very best news is for my readers :) I now have Trading Cards for each of my novels. That's right collectible trading cards. I'm going to put the first one here...

Isn't that the absolute best trading card! And I have one for each book and for some I also have shots of the main characters, even scenery. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. I want to give them out to my readers when they post reviews of my books at the retailers, Smashwords or on my blogs or website or review sites :) there are all kinds of ways to get the cards. I think they are a nice way to say "Thank you for your support :)"
Right now, I'm going to say thank you--if you would like to be one of the first to start collecting a trading card for any of my books that you have, please email me and let me know which ones you want. I will send you the jpeg photo file to begin your collection.
Psst. don't tell anyone but I have a feeling these trading cards are going be crazy fun for everyone to collect. Think about it, we can have virtual scrapbooks :) So get your list together and start your collection.
When you sign up at Smashromance you will see my friend Chloe Reeder's trading card for her Sarah Janes - Bounty Hunter series.

I think this newsletter is a spring explosion of good things going on.

I almost forgot! I started my WORDS OF LOVE - Romance Writing Series. That's right, this is a series to help you write your romance novel. If you have a romance in your head why not learn writing methods, get help with POV, dialogue, action, chapters, scenes, the list goes on :) It really doesn't matter when you start the series, the parts are posted each Thursday at the Night Writers' Blog and on my Jewel's Way Website and will remain up. I posted the third part Getting to Know Your Characters, this week will be What About Plot, Conflict and Resolution?
I hope you will come over and take a look.

Wow, I know I probably forgot something lol. Next time.

If you have received this newsletter in error or are getting a duplicate, please email me and I will delete your name. All the names have come from TRS Book A Day Giveaways, my readers and friends.

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