Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Coupon for DARLIN' is now available!

There's a new coupon starting for DARLIN' my current Bestseller :) Use this coupon code HL52B at checkout on my publisher's site - Smashwords.

Time Travel Sensual Romance
Flint is ready to give the brat fighting him to the Indians as he pushes the lad over the next waterfall. Once rinsed of mud, he discovers the frail boy is one nicely shaped woman. Learning his employer intends to marry off the girl, his Darlin’, with the indentured women, he marries her himself suspecting he has gone from the frying pan and into the fire.

Marrying Allen Flint isn’t as disturbing to Jolene as discovering she is in 1713. Dare she examine her feelings toward the mountain of a man, now a part of her life? Can she survive the wilds of the American Frontier?

When Indians capture Flint, Jolene prays she possesses the strength to save the man she loves from certain death. Time brought her to him, but Jolene realizes only their magic can hold them together, now.

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