Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SALLY'S ANSWER coming June 15th!

​​​BFFs since childhood Sally can't accept Angie's decree that she belongs back in time! The search parties are useless. Determined to find her answers she convinces the old Indian guide to take her to the same place he took her friend in the mountains. Sally draws on all her courage to ride through the invisible barrier that might take her to Angie. The other side of that wall of time is not what Sally expected!


​Historical Adult Romance Time Travel - Book 1 of Timeless Loves Series

The renovated riverboat appears to be the perfect solution for her aunt's annual fundraiser. Angela La Cross' busy agenda didn't include falling into the boat's hold. When she comes to and finds she is the only woman on a boat full of men, she begins to think this wasn't such a good idea.

James McFarlain wanted his last trip up the Mississippi to be uneventful. The last thing he expected to see on the Silver Queen was a woman. Telling himself she was nothing but a mess of trouble didn't stop him from looking into her emerald eyes. When she silently sought his help, James knew he was done for.

Her trip back in time to 1875 became only a minor set back for Angie when compared to a good looking cowboy, cattle rustlers and one very determined Sioux warrior.

Angela might survive her tumble through time, but can her heart decide between the love of two men? Can she find the answers before time runs out? Her journey is not an easy one when love keeps changing the rules. Join Angie in the adventure of a lifetime, one that will capture your heart!

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