Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I'm in heaven over this book! I started writing Waves of Time years before Pirates of the Caribbean ever came out. But, it was very nice to see my writing was right on for the ship :) I think you will all love this adventure in time! Oh, and the love fires that come alive in this story is full of spice!


Jewel Adams
    Corin McCloud stows away on the 1800 schooner. The journey barely begins when a violent storm rolls over the schooner, throwing Corin’s world upside down and lands her in Charlotte Amalie, 1725.
   Rogan Drake must infiltrate the powerful Black Council to find the pirate that murdered his brother. It has taken him two years to build his reputation as the infamous pirate--Dragon. He forgoes a meeting with the council’s emissary to keep an eye on a girl that just entered the city. She certainly wasn’t from here, not dressed so…openly. “Brave little woman, but hardly wise.” The exotic shape of her eyes reminded him of a wild cat. Add in the sensual blend of amber and chocolate, and a man could drown in their depth. “Are you untamed my little stranger?”
   Can Rogan give up his quest of revenge to keep Corin safe? Will she accept her new life as his wife? Can they both survive the anger of Black Diamond, the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean?  Read the sample here and get the links to purchase Waves Of Time for only $4.99

Waves of Time is available at Kindle, Lulu and Smashwords; and will soon be available at Nook, Kobo and Sony.

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