Saturday, October 26, 2013

TIMELESS LOVE - FREE Through October 30th

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself back in time? Would you survive? How would you live? And more important, would you find your true love in time?
There is such an element of danger that revolves around a time travel romance. I often wonder as I write the story if I didn't live there. I hope you will feel all the emotion, excitement, danger and love that follows Emma back in time...Enjoy!

Jewel Adams

Historic Time Travel Erotic Romance
Hostess of the Grande Ball to unveil the museum's renovated plantation, Emma Browning never suspects a mysterious mirror will whisk her back in time to 1825 New Orleans. Neither does she expect to find herself engaged to a total stranger. Unable to explain her sudden appearance in this breathtakingly, handsome man's life, Devon Chandler rather believe Emma is the bait in a conspiracy to destroy him, than in her outlandish claim she is from the future!
Join Emma and Devon as they discover their awakening love only to face its destruction when Devon's enemy kidnaps Emma. She escapes her captor, but falls prey to the evil and powerful Andre La Pointe. To protect Devon and their unborn child, Emma agrees to marry the man she fears!
Forced into a deathbed marriage, Emma refuses to give up and battles time to reclaim Devon's love. A love now buried in betrayal to save the man too stubborn to see the truth.
TIMELESS LOVE will carry you on a journey as unique as the love found in the realms of time!

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