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Woo! Woo! And the Fun Begins :) - Adult Excerpt

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 Adult Time Travel Gothic Erotic Romance - CHARITY BECKER’S lover kisses her lips with searing passion and melts away as the morning light strikes her bedroom window. She steps through the fine line that separates the present from the past.
             Waiting for her on the other side is JACOB KINGSMAN, a man claiming her as his wife. Can Charity’s passion to discover the truth regarding the real Mrs. Kingsman free Jacob of his guilt?
            Together they scorch time with a hot, erotic passion in CATCHING SHADOWS.


            Her lips captured the playful finger tracing her chin and immediately she drew on it, taking the full length into the warm recess of her mouth. She moaned against the tough flesh that didn’t possess the vibrant magnificence of a wild cock, one she wanted to wrap her lips around.
            The heated trail of his lips down her neck made her release him as her head went back, giving him full freedom to explore her. Her lower body arched to press into the full length of his cock, hmm, he feels so good, so powerful as his sex pulses against her welcoming flesh. She moved the moist hot folds of her pussy, up… then down the power now held within the velvet folds. She wanted to experience the feel of him inside her, close him within the satin sheath of fire and suck his fierce possession deep into her hungry womb. Before she could raise her hips higher his large strong hands took hold of her, driving her harder against the wild lustful part of him she wanted to tame…
            “Can you feel me now, woman?”
            The passion that held him came through as a rough whisper. His question became one she wanted to answer, wanted to be a part of, “Yes, oh heavens, yes, I do feel you.”
            His response came from desire. “I want you to stay with me.”
            Through the promised rapture that held her, she looked up at him, needing to see if he spoke the truth. But the darkness moved all around them and Charity felt the cold moving closer… “No, don’t leave me…I want to stay…with you!”
            With the force he always came to her with, he pulled away, vanishing from her embrace. “No, please stay…I’m sorry!”
            He could not hear her any longer. The morning sun started to light the room, pushing back the darkness, making the last of his essence slip back into the shadows.
            Her tongue traced her lips trying to capture the last part of him…gone. Once again she lost him, she feared her heart would crush under the emptiness. Staring at the last of the shadows Charity let her tears fall for what she failed to keep with her. She wondered if he would return. Might she hold him the next time?
            “Please give me another chance…” her tears fell faster for she didn’t have a name or face to put to the plea, only a shadow.


            Sand Castles
            There it was again, another glimmer of a figure near the window. Charity thought she might be going mad. She waited for another glimpse, but none came, they never did when she looked for them. It took a minute to release the breath she held. The rush of fresh air felt light in her lungs, but it couldn’t take the apprehension away.
            “I wish it would leave.”
            But no, her head shook to defy the declaration. She wanted to know what it was…more who it could be and if the feelings touching her were real. Even now the sensation lingered, as if she were being caressed. Like in her dreams, ones that left her breathless in unfulfilled passion, before slipping back into the night when the sun began to wake the day.
            “What a silly idea.” She actually stamped her foot for emphasis. Or did she expect to scare it out of hiding?
            “What’s silly Charity?
            She gave her nephew a quick glance, then a smile to ease the serious look he maintained on her. “Nothing, nothing at all Pauly.”
            “Can we go to the beach?”
            “Sure, when should we go?”
            “Now, oh please?”
            Right now any excuse she could find to get out of the house sounded good to her. Why her sister insisted on staying in this relic for the summer still bothered her. Of course, Lynda’s boyfriend did own the place. She should be here, not Charity!
            “Okay, run and get your suit on, I’ll get the towels.”
            “Can I bring my bucket?”
            “Yes, and the shovel, don’t forget the shovel.” His whoop of excitement acknowledged he heard her.
            Charity lost her thoughts to getting everything ready for the beach and to pack some treats and drinks for the two of them. “It is a beautiful day for the beach.”
            The prospect of the beach couldn’t steal her thoughts away from the problem. She sighed and wondered why this was happening. “I swear I need a vacation!”
            Ah, but wasn’t she suppose to be on one? Of course she still minded the house and chores, as well as watching Pauly. If given a choice she would have preferred to stay behind while everyone came here. “That certainly wouldn’t have worked for anyone but me.”
            Charity really hated feeling sorry for herself, it wasn’t a very positive attitude. Then things haven’t been in the best of light for her. “And YOU, whoever you might be, aren’t helping any!”
            Her little tirade didn’t even stir the dust balls, let alone earn her an answer. Yet she almost wished someone would retaliate, yell back, “…be real?”
            Were shadows real? “Now that is the million dollar question. And no, I don’t expect anyone to step forward and give a valid answer.”
            Yet ever since arriving here the question became extremely important to her. They, the encounters, started that first week and kept getting stronger with each passing day.
            Charity saw shadows!
            Not just any shadow, no she couldn’t be lucky enough to see a shadow of a chair or the sun coming through the lace curtains at the window. What seemed to plague her were shadows of one particular…man!
            “Yes, it is a man. I can feel his presence…even now, in the daylight.”
            But was he real? Was she just imagining all this?
            Pauly’s sliding entrance into the kitchen ended the questions she kept asking herself.
            “I’m ready!”
            “I can see you are and so am I. Our lunch is packed and I think I’ve got everything.”
            “I have my bucket and the shovel!”
            It would be nice to be a child once again, no worries beyond the day. Charity pushed her troubled thoughts away and ruffled Pauly’s hair. “Good, you can build me a giant sand castle.”
            It didn’t take them long to start down the path to the shore. For a second she hesitated and fought the need to look back at the house. The pull on her senses became too strong and she turned…there, at her bedroom window. She felt her stomach drop. The figure of a man stood there…watching her.
            “Come on Charity!”
            Pauly’s call shook her out of the stunned trance she’d fallen into. “You’re not real.”
            She turned away, almost daring him to refute her declaration!

            Charity carried the sleepy Pauly up to his bed. Poor boy nearly fell asleep eating his dinner. She shouldn’t have kept them at the beach as long as she did, but she couldn’t make herself come back here. To hope it would be gone on their return turned into a useless wish on her part.
            Even now, as she tucked Pauly in, she felt as if someone watched her. She tried not to let the feelings invade her, but every day it grew stronger and she could no longer ignore the presence. Her skin actually tingled whenever it came near her. She swore she could feel the heat from his body, the whisper touch of his fingers as they brushed over her cheek.
            As she left her nephew’s room she tried to concentrate on the problem and not the presence following her. She hesitated by her bedroom door then walked past it, knowing she didn’t want to chance what might happen, again, if she went to bed. The heat flooded her cheeks over the memory of last night’s visit. Just thinking about the memory made the lazy warmth move through her. Strange as this all appeared to be, she never in her life felt so alive as when he made love to her. But, they hadn’t really finished the act and the emptiness left in his wake felt like a deep well, one she could drown in should he not return.
            Her hands clasped the banister over the heaviness in her legs. “No…I won’t let you control me this way!”
            The air near her grew chilly as if she’d slapped him. Maybe she could control this, what ever it might be. She made sure her footsteps were secure before taking the next step. The sensual weakness lessened, but remained too near the surface for her to relax. Charity didn’t relax until she stepped off the last step.
            Would he really hurt her? She wished she hadn’t thought to ask such a question. But once it came, she couldn’t help but shiver over the possible answers. Charity knew all she ever felt from him was passion, strong, vibrant and yes…dangerous passion. The blush sweeping up her throat didn’t stop her from remembering what he made her feel. She closed her eyes for just a second to savor the desire, before forcing it back into the darkness. “If only…”

            “Damn you!” Jacob’s fist hit the door. As he rolled his back against the heavy wood, he searched the room to see if her image remained. The anger vibrated through his body, tensing the breadth of his powerful frame.
            He let his head fall back, needing to feel the solid presence of the house, wondering how he would ever survive her treachery; for Jacob feared his own sanity at this moment. “I held you in my very hands, and yet you vanish before my eyes. Where do you hide?” The question made his eyes close as he groaned over the absurdity. “I talk to air and expect answers!”
            There, a quick glimpse by the stairs. Jacob pushed off the door to follow what he feared would be another dead end. His steps slowed as he neared the stairwell, she stood at the top of the stairs. He wanted to reach out and touch her, pull her to him, but something kept him from acting on his desire.
            He followed her down the stairs, she looked worried tonight. The darkness under her eyes made him wonder if she too lost a night’s sleep. It would be her own fault for the games she played with him… “In my own house!”
            Nary a length of her beautiful hair moved from his outburst. He did so love to touch her hair, she would put the finest fur to shame, for its softness was like none he’d ever felt. The memory made him think on their night together, just the thought made him instantly hard in desire. He possessed a ravenous hunger for this woman. The way her breast rested in his palm before he would wrap his fingers about the ample globe. His tongue came out as if to taste the ripe, swollen nipple that he brought to life. Ahh, the sweetness of a woman in heat…
            She moved too quickly off the last step! Jacob cursed his musing for he knew she wouldn’t be there. As he feared she escaped from his sight once again. Nearly two weeks hath passed since they started playing this cat and mouse game of hers.
            “I know not where you go Charity, but by all that is holy you will not leave us! If I need to take this house apart, board and stone, I will find your hiding place and we shall end this foolish game of yours!”
            “You are mine Charity. My wife, forever!”




            Charity held the receiver away from her ear, telling her sister she was yelling wouldn’t help, she always spoke loud when she got excited. Hearing her name for the third time she brought it back to her ear. “What did you say, Lynda?”
            “Haven’t you listened to anything?”
            “Well, I…” Lynda didn’t give her a chance to explain.
            “Just get Pauly ready, we will pick him up this afternoon.”
            “Lynda, isn’t this awfully sudden to be taking Pauly with you?”
            “John wants to get to know him Charity. He may be the one Charity, it feels so right.”
            “Alright, I’ll have him ready.”
            “John says you can stay in the house for the rest of the summer, he won’t rent it out. We won’t be back until sometime in September .”
            “Oh, I don’t think…”
            “Don’t be silly, enjoy the vacation.”
            Before Charity could say another word, her sister hung up on her. Charity slowly returned the receiver to the cradle. “But I don’t want to stay here, darn you Lynda, you never listen or care what anyone thinks!”
            She watched Pauly playing in the yard and wondered how the boy would do on this trip with his mother and her new fiancé. He’d already met so many different men. Charity wondered if one more would even affect the child. Her sister really needed to pay attention to her son. Charity swore that if this one didn’t lead to the altar then she would talk to Lynda about her behavior and what it was doing to her son.
            “Oh sure, and I’m such an expert on the subject of men.” Charity bit her lip over the admission. She still felt raw when she thought about her divorce from Brian. She should be relieved there weren’t any children to worry about between them. Brian certainly didn’t care, no he never wanted children. She often wondered if he just placated her desire for a child. So much of their relationship had been based on lies. His cheating on her certainly killed what, if any, feelings she might still have for him.
            Charity went to the door and called for Pauly to come inside. He called back, saying something about he’d be right there, once he said goodbye to Lissa. Charity looked about and didn’t see another child, deciding the boy certainly needed friends, even imaginary ones, it wouldn’t hurt him to pretend.
            She almost finished packing the last of his things when he came running into the room. “Whoa, slow down before you bounce off the walls.”
            “Oh Charity, nobody bounces off the wall.”
            She couldn’t help smiling over his authoritative answer.
            “Lissa says you are prettier than her mommy.”
            “She does. Well, you thank her for the compliment.”
            “She’s gone now.”
            For a second, Charity wondered if Pauly heard her talking to his mother. “Pauly, your mother…”
            “I know, Lissa told me. I’m going with them on the trip.”
            Charity stopped folding his pants and turned to look at Pauly. “How did she know?”
            “She knows everything. She’s real good at hide and seek too.”
            Her mouth clamped shut when Pauley rolled off the bed and left the room. She caught herself long enough to call after him. “Your mother will be here in about an hour.”
            All she heard was the screen door slamming shut. She decided not to follow him, he probably needed to say goodbye to Lissa.
            The sounds of children laughing drew her to the window. She spotted Pauly on the swing, but she couldn’t see who he spoke to. She tried to see the side yard, but there wasn’t any girl there either, before she could lean out the window the phone rang.
            Charity rushed out of the room to get to the phone. “Yes, hello.”
            “It’s me Charity, do you need anything from the store? The traffic up from Portsmith is terrible, we thought we might have a bite to eat before taking off.”
            She wrapped her free arm about her waist, “That would be wonderful Lynda, better get some lunch meat for the two of you. I’ve enough peanut butter and jelly to last until next winter.” Lynda’s laugh sounded free and happy, maybe this John would be the right one. Ever since Richard died, Lynda seemed obsessed with finding a new husband.
            They chatted a bit longer before signing off. Charity slowly hung up the phone, she wondered if she should tell them she would be going back home. John might think her ungrateful. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to stay in this beautiful Victorian beach house on the coast of Maine?
            Charity argued with herself until they arrived. She watched from the steps as Pauly raced to greet his mother. That small ache in her heart for a child hit her again. She was still young enough to find someone, but that would mean dating and looking. Charity’s teeth ground against each other over even thinking of dating. No, she’d not look and didn’t want to remarry!
            The introductions went well and Charity actually found that she liked John Hammond. Maybe Lynda did find a good man.
            Their lunch seemed to speed by. Lynda left John and Charity alone, if she wanted to tell him she would be leaving, she should do it now. “John?”
            It took the man a moment to pull his attention away from her sister, to look at Charity. Charity couldn’t help smiling at his blush for being caught.
            “Sorry Charity.”
            “No problem John. In fact, I’m glad you look so in love with Lynda.” She realized she probably sounded a tad too bold, but she needed to know where he stood.
            “I am and I hope Pauly and I will find we like each other.”
            “I don’t think you need to worry over that. Pauly would love to have a father. Just give him a chance.”
            “I promise I will Charity.”
            “Good.” She needed to tell him. “John, I think I will want to go home. I know Lynda said I could stay here, but…well I need to get back to my own life.”
            “I hope it isn’t the house Charity. People say it is haunted, but I’ve never stayed here long enough to find out.”
            Haunted, should she tell him? The chill that seized her nearly made her choke and the air grew hard to take in. “I don’t think that is the problem John.”
            “Good, I wouldn’t want ghosts scaring you away.”
            “No, I just need to get home and start preparing for school to start.”
            “That is fine, just lock up and call Mr. Lloyd, he is the caretaker.”
            “I will, his number is by the phone, thank you John, this is a beautiful place.”
            “Yes, I took it over from a cousin of mine. I understand that it used to be much bigger at one time. A fire destroyed the whole right wing of the house.”
            Charity started shaking from the cold attacking her.
            “Charity, my goodness, are you alright?”
            She couldn’t answer right off, her teeth were actually chattering. He took his coat off and put it over her shoulders. The instant relief calmed her; she wasn’t sure what to say to the man that looked as pale as she felt.
            “Sorry John. It’s the dampness here, I’m not used to it.”
            “We can stay here Charity, maybe you should see a doctor?”
            “No! I’m fine, really. I just need to go inside.”
            She kept his coat around her until they were inside. She could feel the cold leaving her the second she stepped into the house. All kinds of crazy thoughts raced through her mind. Did the shadow just do that to her? She buried her hands in her pockets so John wouldn’t see them shaking.
            She gave the man the best smile she could, “I’m fine, really John.”
            He didn’t appear to accept her reassurance, thankfully Lynda and Pauly came down the stairs, luggage in tow. John soon had more to worry over than Charity. Pandemonium reigned, as they worked to get everything into the rental car. It wasn’t until they were ready to leave that Pauly came over to Charity.
            The way he wrapped his arms around her waist told her how much he would miss her and her own heart felt as though it were breaking. “It’s alright Pauly, we will see each other soon enough.”
            “No we won’t.”
            Maybe it was the way he said it, Charity couldn’t say, but she came down to his level and looked into his eyes. “Why would you say that Pauly? I’m still going to be your aunt no matter what.”
            The boy stared at her as if he made up his mind about something before he spoke out, “Lissa said you were staying with them, where you belong.”
            Charity sucked in her breath, she tried not to frighten Pauly, but she needed to know. “What do you mean Pauly? Why would Lissa say such a thing?”
            She could see that Pauly tried not to cry, “She knows Charity…ask her.”
            Before she could get him to tell her anymore, Lynda called for the boy to get in the car.
            Charity didn’t move from her place as they drove off. Her hand fell to her side when they could no longer see her waving. “Lissa, who are you?”
            She turned to face the house, her gaze went immediately to the upstairs window, but no one stood there. Funny, now that John told her the history of the old house, she could see the stone foundation more clearly and where a porch now stood must be where the right wing once began. Exposed stones could still be seen from the old foundation.
            A brisk wind started blowing off the shore and Charity could see the clouds moving in. There were too many storms here on the coast and she didn’t relish going through one alone. Once in the house she raced around closing the windows to keep the blowing rain out! The wind seemed to howl its protest against her efforts. Charity could feel her anger rising over the whole situation. She should go home. She wasn’t in the mood for sight seeing even if it were only two weeks into the summer.
            Thoughts of redecorating her house came to her. It needed to be done now that Brian was gone. “That would eat up the weeks before school starts.”
            Right now she wanted a hot bath to get rid of the chill still bothering her. As she ran the bath the electricity went out. Charity gathered up the candles from the bedrooms and set them around the bathtub. The bathroom glowed in a soft light that helped her relax. The water felt so wonderful, all the tension seemed to seep away. She wished all her worries could be dealt with as easily.
            When the water began to cool, Charity gave up the luxury of floating and took up the chore to wash her long hair. Thoughts of cutting it before school started came to her again. It would be easier to manage, but she enjoyed doing up her hair for the children. Pig tails for Tom Sawyer, braids for Hiawatha, she always felt it made them more attentive when she read the stories.
            She stepped from the tub and wrapped her wet hair in a towel, she wouldn’t cut it this year, maybe next. She pulled the robe from the hook on the door and gloried in the comforting feel of the warm flannel against her skin. Charity made sure to blow out the candles before heading downstairs to make some tea. The wind still howled around the house. It sounded wild and yet sad, Charity shook off the thought.
            The tea took a while to heat on the old gas stove. Its presence told her that the electricity must go out quite a lot here. The warmth from the stove felt good and she stayed in the kitchen to drink her tea. She could see the storm rage outside the window. Time didn’t matter as she stood watching the waves break against the point, it felt like watching a movie on a big screen, such force! The light slowly disappeared from the sky and Charity wondered what the night would hold.
            Thoughts of leaving came and went; she wasn’t ready and should have realized she would be alone for the first time tonight. Odd how the panic never came. She couldn’t help but wonder if he would come to her tonight, give her the answers she wanted.
            “Come to me…please.” Once the words were spoken she couldn’t take them back. In all honesty she knew she didn’t want to. She couldn’t feel him and hadn’t since last night, unless he is the one that sent that chill against her.
            The sad shake of her head dislodged the towel. The half dried waves seemed to spring to life about her. Charity suddenly felt too tired to care about shadows and haunting, all she wanted was to climb into bed.
            Before she could take the first stair a brutal flash of lightening lit up the living room. Charity froze, and tried to breathe, only her eyes seemed capable of moving through the room. Each unfamiliar piece of furniture silently screamed out at her, every painting hanging on the wall made her fight once again for a breath. But when she could look further than that wall, down a hall that shouldn’t be there, that is when the shock stormed through Charity. Her astonishment came out in a frightened whisper, “How did all this get here…from where?”



            The Fury
            “She is here Father.”
            “Shush Lissa, I see her, let’s not scare her away.” Jacob nearly crushed the wine glass in his hand over the sight of seeing his wife.
            There she stood, she wasn’t even looking at them. Jacob looked again at Lissa, yes she saw her too. It couldn’t be a vision, Lissa wouldn’t be seeing her at the same time he did. Yet, Jacob feared moving or making a sound, for she’d never been so clear to him. For the first time in nearly two weeks he could truly see her.
            His nostrils flared as they took in the scent of roses…Charity’s favorite bath oil. Yes, her hair still appeared to be wet. He looked further, the robe wasn’t familiar to him and wondered where she found it. But of course that was the least of his questions for his absent wife. He wondered what game she now played, standing there as if nothing happened.
            Jacob debated with himself, should he leave the dining table or wait and see what she might do? Something told him she would soon disappear if he didn’t prevent her from leaving.
            “Lissa, I want you to go to your room.” It proved difficult to speak in a whisper with his heart racing, he didn’t want to take the chance that Charity might hear and run from him again.
            “But father…”
            “Do as I say Lissa. You may speak with your mother tomorrow.” Jacob possessed very little patience for his daughter’s stubbornness.
            “She isn’t my mother.”
            Jacob saw his daughter’s pouting lips. Of course she would be angry, what child wouldn’t be when her mother vanished over two months ago and without a word!
            “We will talk later Lissa.”
            Jacob waited for Lissa to leave by way of the kitchen before he rose to go to Charity. She’d not moved or spoke, but Jacob prepared himself, expecting she would try to escape. “Not this night and never after, Charity.”
            He stood inches from her back. Her hair shined as the light from the fireplace danced in the wispy waves. The rich auburn lengths look almost like spun threads of gold; he resisted the urge to touch her. He feared she would fade away as she did so many times these last days. There were too many unanswered questions and Jacob swore he would get the answers from her.
            The voice played through her like a fine violin. Hearing the deep timber of his voice took away some of the panic seizing her. When his large hands took hold of her shoulders she wanted so to lean back into his strength. Revel in the pleasure of his touch.
            “Have you finally decided to come home?”
            Her throat felt tight and dry, Charity wasn’t sure how to answer him. She never got the chance to turn and face him, his hold on her demanded that she do just that when he spun her about.
            She could feel the anger in his hold as he pulled her up within an inch of him. Everything moved at a slower pace than normal; she felt very odd. It proved hard to think, she felt something was very wrong. Whatever the problem, she decided it needed to wait, because he stood there before her, to be seen, no longer a shadow. Charity wanted to take in every vital inch of his virile features. “Oh my…”
            “Is that all you can say?”
            Her brow creased against the very real rage glaring out at her. Why did he hate her so? Yes, it must be hate, she remembered Brian looking at her like that in court. But she didn’t know this man, not really.
            She lost her voice again and could only shake her head against his brutally voiced question. There were no answers and Charity needed answers of her own. Had she fallen into the shadows or did he come out…she could feel her panic rising. Concentrating, she tried to ask him, “Where am I?”
            He shook her as an angry child would shake a rag doll! She tried to hear what he shouted back at her.
            “Do you really expect me to believe what that implies? I’ve had enough with your games! You will tell me where you have been.”
            “I don’t understand.” By the glaring fury her question earned, Charity wished she’d remained silent.
            A sharp squeal escaped her as he lifted her up into his arms and turned to the stairs. She didn’t know what to do and kept her hands off of him, not even her fears could stop her from looking at him. The urge to touch this man grew stronger, she wanted to trace those fine proud lines of his handsome face. A face she could clearly see for the first time. She tried not to feel the heat of his body invading her own. Or the way the tense lines of his muscle pressed against her through the thin robe. All that power against her soft yielding flesh grew intoxicating. Her body’s instant reaction to his nearness went beyond her control. The warm, wanting fluids started to flow from the depth of her womb, preparing the way for him.
            “You’ll not leave me again Charity!”
            The harsh vow snapped her out of the sexual haze he stirred to life. “Why are you angry with me?”
            His steps halted at the top of the stairs. The way he looked down at her, made her draw in a sharp gasp of air. She’d seen anger in Brian, but this…this man’s held a fury she never thought possible. All Charity could do was shake her head against the unspoken condemnation in his eyes.
            “You must tell me where you have been hiding. Or did you run off with your lover? Did he toss you back?”
            Every accusation made her flinch, she could only stare at him. He would never listen to any denial, no, not from…his wife?
            Charity needed to say something; he obviously confused her with someone else. She forced out the words, hoping he would listen and fearing he might be beyond reasoning.
            “I’m not your wife.” She caught the flare of his nostrils, the tremor in the nerves of his neck, but the scathing glare he held her in truly frightened Charity. “I’m not her!”
            But her words never penetrated his rage.
            “You think me a fool woman!”
            “No…I don’t know what is happening, but I’m not your wife.”
            The look in his eyes changed, but Charity wasn’t sure if anything would be better for it.
            “And tell me then, what would your name be?”
            The snide look he tossed her made her defeat in his gaze even worse. “Charity…Becker.” She used her maiden name that she took back after her divorce. His look changed to one of righteous contempt.
            “Now Charity, you never were much of a liar and it is true, you were Charity Becker. But a wife takes her husband’s name when wed. Don’t they now, Charity?”
            She refused to play his game with an answer.
            “Mayhap you need reminding that I am your husband and that you are married to Jacob Kingsman!”
            Hearing his name captured her attention more than anything else he said to her. She suddenly realized her mistake when he dropped her, on top of the bed!
            She couldn’t see past him as he stood over her, almost as if he were daring her to try and escape. She tried not to show how afraid he made her feel and only a fleeting thought came to her that she really should try to leave him. He must have seen it in her expression…before she could react he was on top of her, straddling her hips.
            “You did not think I would let you get away. No, there will be no more running, Charity. You are my wife and you belong in my others!”
            “You’re wrong, I am not your wife. I don’t know how I got here, please you must listen.”
            “Oh, I am and Charity you’re not going anywhere, anymore.”
            When his finger started opening the fold of her gown she slapped his hand away and glared up at him. He smiled down at her and with his powerful legs he locked her in place beneath him. Charity couldn’t rise and the panic set in. She tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge.
            “Get off me you oaf!”
            His deep laughter echoed off the walls. Yet there was nothing humorous in the way he looked at her. Charity’s breathing became irregular, any hope she held that he would listen vanished under the darkening in his gaze upon her.
            She neither moved nor spoke as he pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it away. A flash of lightening illuminated the golden tone of his muscled body. Charity only saw men that looked like this at the gym, something told her Jacob’s build came from hard work. She wanted to touch him but held back, the mixed signals didn’t diminish her reckless desire for this man.
            Charity felt the pulsing hardness of his own passion for her, pressing against her clit. She bit her lip to silence the moan of pleasure this gave her. When he moved, the pulsing length pressed down even harder against the most sensitive part of her sex. She tried to quell the sensual feelings, but being left unsatisfied, so many nights, her body held its own agenda, one she couldn’t prevent from arching up to bring him closer.
            “Touch me Charity.”
            She shouldn’t, she could still hear his seething anger in the husky command. He didn’t give her time to think. Jacob placed her hand about the thick length of his penis. At first she just laid there and didn’t move, then suddenly the cloth barrier disappeared and she could feel the pulsing heat in her grasp.
            “I’m not your wife Jacob Kingsman.” She watched as his head cocked to the side and he stared at her through his half closed eyes. Charity tightened her hold about the shaft to get his attention. “I don’t belong here Jacob.”
            It felt as if an eternity passed before he answered. “Ah, my dear Charity, I’m going to show you that you most certainly do belong here…in my bed.”

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