Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sick of being sick, GRRR

I have the flu or cold or both, Either one and all makes me feel miserable. The only positive side of being sick is that I am catching up on my reading.

Yes, reading, I so wish it was a good book, but alas I am reading publishing news concerning Indie authors. I have to say that I am surprised in a nice way to read about all the activity going on in the Indie world of books.

Indie publishing has grown so fast and is so far reaching it takes my breath away. Next year it will be 20 years since we, other independent authors and myself, starting publishing our books in electric formats. I know how far we have come and how hard we have and will continue to work at getting our books to the readers. Even with all the ups and downs I am proud of the accomplishments.

Today I read all about KDP/Amazon's new Unlimited program. It is a good concept and already being done at Oyster and Scribd, which Smashwords' Mark Coker took advantage of for Smashwords' authors. A successful program will always see others jumping in; it's been like this from the start.

Of course, to be in the Unlimited program at Amazon you would need to sign your books on as exclusive to Amazon's KDP Select, which takes your book out of all the other retailers. I have had my books in KDP Select and have also pulled them from that program. It is just too restrictive. It did allow an author some ways to market their book that would otherwise fall away into the volume offered. Again, the battle to be recognized over the "big publishers" promotions constantly on Amazon.

I did all the promotions allowed on the Select program, again very restrictive and they don't get you on the front page. The most effective is giving away your book(s). Each book is allowed five days out of three months to promote. This isn't bad if you have multiple books as I do, but if you only have one or two books, it doesn't put you out there long enough. I gave away over 5,000 Savage Destiny the first time I did it, rather daunting for the return.

Why do there have to be so many rules? I think any author that has written a book should know enough to handle their own promotions. An Indie author learns real quick that it is up to them to promote their release. And as with anything new a promotion works for a while and then the newness fades out and/or saturates the market. I think we must constantly change to be effective.

Hence, I am an Independent Author :) I never have liked rules, especially any that aren't fair across the whole offering.

Well, if I didn't feel good

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