Thursday, December 4, 2014


The temperatures are dropping as the days get shorter. Winter is such a fun time, especially for reading on those long nights. 
The elves and I have been busy :)

My very first TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE BOX SET will be released December 6th! Yeah! You will RECEIVE 3 of my Time Travels in the Box Set:  DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?, STARGAZER AND TIMELESS LOVE. There is still time to pre-order this collection of Time Travel Romances and save 30% off the retail price. Check your ebook retailer today!

BIG HOLIDAY NEWS -- You can find all my books on sale at50% OFF at COFFEE TIME ROMANCE BOOKSTORE.  This is the only store that will have this sale going on through December to January 12th! So, get over there and stock up on your Christmas Reading :)

I also have a new FREE book for the holidays. MOONDOCK, will be available through January 12th. You can get this Fantasy Romance at Smashwords and Coffee Time Romance Bookstore, and most the ebook retailers.

My books are now available at ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS :) I am very pleased to have this additional retailers for my romances.

If you haven't read my Christmas story, ANGEL TREE, you will be able to find it at SMASHWORDS and COFFEE TIME ROMANCE throughout the holidays :) Enjoy the read, my gift to you.

Nick can see the sadness in the woman that comes by the church Christmas tree lot. When she shows the next day he refuses not to try and help her.  Together they find their Angel Tree.

​I hope you all have a safe and happy CHRISTMAS!

My books can be found at the following retailers:

Note: Not all books are available at all retailers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Books are UP at Coffee Time Romance's Bookstore

I'm so excited :) heart They all look so pretty and good reads as well.  I have to tell you about this one knight, the man knight cheekyhot night, Oh, I mean Knight. Bern, such a hunky name for a very hot Knight. He's run into a beautiful time traveler that he finds extremely attractive. And yet, he's got to work at it to cool off this ICE MAIDEN. I really love their story and thought to celebrate that I'd give you all ICE MAIDEN for FREE.
One man’s greed sends Amy Bonner back in time and into the arms of a very determined 15th century lord. If a kiss is heaven then Amy just found paradise. The moment of bliss suddenly feels crushed by the memory of the stalking beast with death’s talons. She can’t help but wonder how long it will take before someone discovers she is an imposter?
“Such sweet, wicked hopes…my Ice Maiden.” He stirs the lady’s passion and lights a blaze that a man can burn in eternal ecstasy within. Bern wants what he holds more than any spoils from battles fought and nothing will kill his desire to make the Lady Amelia…His!
Together Bern and Amy fight time and man to keep the love they discover. 
Oh I almost forgot, my other books are discounted as well and I have my first box set coming out Dec. 6th. Right now you can pre-order it and get 33% off the price. 
Time Travel Box Set includes three of Jewel Adams' Bestsellers. 

Release Date: December 6 th, 2014
Do You Believe In Magic? - When Ali gave in and played her god-daughter’s game pretending they live in the old west, using a garage sale relic, little did she know—magic would change their lives forever.
Stargazer - Captain Blaine Sterling's last voyage on the Stargazer is more profitable than he ever imagined when the ocean depths surrender a beautiful woman! Once given the gift, Blaine refuses to let death take the girl. The first time their gazes touch they both know their future is sealed.
Timeless Love - Forced into a deathbed marriage, Emma refuses to give up and battles time to reclaim Devon's love. A love now buried in betrayal to save the man too stubborn to see the truth.
Exciting, right? 3 of my Time Travel Romances, I love all three. I can't help but wonder if you can pick just one as the best? Let me know okay :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

My first BOX SET

I've done it! I have put together my very first BOX SET. (Happy Dance!) Take a look see...

Three "3" of my Time Travel Romances are included in the Box Set. You will be able to pre-order the set at your retailers within the week. If you pre-order you will save 30% on what the retail price will be after Dec. 6th.
Time Travel Box Set includes three of Jewel Adams' Bestsellers.

Do You Believe In Magic? - When Ali gave in and played her god-daughter’s game pretending they live in the old west, using a garage sale relic, little did she know—magic would change their lives forever.

Stargazer - Captain Blaine Sterling's last voyage on the Stargazer is more profitable than he ever imagined when the ocean depths surrender a beautiful woman! Once given the gift, Blaine refuses to let death take the girl. The first time their gazes touch they both know their future is sealed.

Timeless Love - Forced into a deathbed marriage, Emma refuses to give up and battles time to reclaim Devon's love. A love now buried in betrayal to save the man too stubborn to see the truth.

You can read the example right now on Smashwords or go to each book in the set and read the samples that are available separately. 

I am very excited and I hope you are as well. I'll post the links to the pre-order Time Travel Romance Box Set when it is available at the various retailers; Apple Ibooks, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook Ebooks, Kobo. 

Jewel Adams

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sick of being sick, GRRR

I have the flu or cold or both, Either one and all makes me feel miserable. The only positive side of being sick is that I am catching up on my reading.

Yes, reading, I so wish it was a good book, but alas I am reading publishing news concerning Indie authors. I have to say that I am surprised in a nice way to read about all the activity going on in the Indie world of books.

Indie publishing has grown so fast and is so far reaching it takes my breath away. Next year it will be 20 years since we, other independent authors and myself, starting publishing our books in electric formats. I know how far we have come and how hard we have and will continue to work at getting our books to the readers. Even with all the ups and downs I am proud of the accomplishments.

Today I read all about KDP/Amazon's new Unlimited program. It is a good concept and already being done at Oyster and Scribd, which Smashwords' Mark Coker took advantage of for Smashwords' authors. A successful program will always see others jumping in; it's been like this from the start.

Of course, to be in the Unlimited program at Amazon you would need to sign your books on as exclusive to Amazon's KDP Select, which takes your book out of all the other retailers. I have had my books in KDP Select and have also pulled them from that program. It is just too restrictive. It did allow an author some ways to market their book that would otherwise fall away into the volume offered. Again, the battle to be recognized over the "big publishers" promotions constantly on Amazon.

I did all the promotions allowed on the Select program, again very restrictive and they don't get you on the front page. The most effective is giving away your book(s). Each book is allowed five days out of three months to promote. This isn't bad if you have multiple books as I do, but if you only have one or two books, it doesn't put you out there long enough. I gave away over 5,000 Savage Destiny the first time I did it, rather daunting for the return.

Why do there have to be so many rules? I think any author that has written a book should know enough to handle their own promotions. An Indie author learns real quick that it is up to them to promote their release. And as with anything new a promotion works for a while and then the newness fades out and/or saturates the market. I think we must constantly change to be effective.

Hence, I am an Independent Author :) I never have liked rules, especially any that aren't fair across the whole offering.

Well, if I didn't feel good

Jewel's thoughts for the day.

Monday, June 16, 2014


SAVAGE DESTINY is now available in print at Lulu and not only is it in print, the whole book has been re-edited and revised. The ebook formats have been updated as well. It made sense to do it and it took a while, but I'm pleased with the results.

To celebrate I am going to giveaway ICE MAIDEN at Smashwords, in ebook format, June 16th through July 7th, just use this coupon code at checkout: VJ83P  Click the book image on the right, it will take you to the right page at Smashwords to get your copy.

​Also, I will giveaway a print copy of SAVAGE DESTINY to a lucky winner. Just send an email (jeweladams  @ or click the envelope below) to me with Savage Destiny in the subject line to enter. I will need the mailing address from the winner. The winner's region for mailing will determine the time it takes to reach you. So get those entries in and I'll announce the winner on July 8th.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


What's better than Godiva Chocolates and a wonderful Romance to cuddle up with this Valentines Day? Makes a girl's heart just hum in expectation :) Enter now for your chance to win! Send me an email to enter. Winner will be picked on Valentines Day. ALL ENTRIES will receive a free ebook of WAVES OF TIME

To enter the Valentines Day contest send in your email​ to Jewel Adams, please put in the subject line VALENTINES DAY CONTEST and in the email please give me the ebook format you need for WAVES OF TIME. The book will be sent to you through a return email, this will verify your entry. Please allow a day to receive your free ebook of WAVES OF TIME. The winner of the Godiva Chocolates will be announced here and the chocolates will be sent directly from Godiva to the winner. Do to the restrictions on Godiva's site the chocolate can only be award in the United States for mailing the chocolates, you will receive WAVES OF TIME regardless of location. Your mailing address will be needed to receive the chocolates so please watch for the winning email from Jewel. Here is the email address, with anti spam spaces:  jeweladams  @  gmail  .com 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Thoughts on Writing

I have been writing for the last couple days, way too cold out there for me lol. Oddly, my thoughts keep going back to things I have faced because of my writing. Most of the results have been a whopping smile of happiness and accomplishment. Yet, there are few downers that have affected me, probably more than I should let them. The dark side of writing are the negatives from readers.
Yup, reviews, they are the bane for me as an author. People say I shouldn't take them to heart, but then of course I do. A review from a reader that enjoyed the story and characters warms my heart like nothing else. So, it stands to reason that a bad review cuts me to the quick. And I do take in what is said, I have fixed errors that were pointed out, those that I could fix.
Yes, you see, not all errors are so easily fixed. It has taken me a while to understand this part of my writing. Let me explain.
I started writing in my early 20's I am now in my early 60's :) Savage Destiny was my very first book that I finished. Next came my time travels with Stargazer as the first then Darling', Dream Lover, Timeless Love and the rest. The one thing that has happened over the years of writing is that my writing has evolved. To write is to learn. As an author I have learned many things; aspect of learning to write has led to changes. Change is good, but it has also made my writing style grow and yes, different.
Change has not been just in my writing, but there have also been changes in the audience that I write for. I used to write my historical and time travel books to be well over 100,000 words. A thick long book that took you days or weeks to read :) this was what the readers wanted. Now, the world is much faster and most people do not want a book that takes more than one or two nights to finish. For any author it means that you listen to the readers and you have to adjust your writing to fit that requirement in the market. As an author I needed to learn how to write short stories and trim my words.
So, I did change and most the changes have been very good. My style of writing also developed and continues to grow. The world around us is a very big part of our lives and this holds true to an art like writing. I still research my story for the time and setting of the story. My characters reflect the era their lives exist in. Yet, I find how I write is different than I first wrote.
I said earlier that I did fix words and obvious errors that a reader pointed out. What I can't fix is the writing style as my style has evolved. Because of these changes I can't go back and change how the story was written. Even if I did rewrite the entire book to correct the grammar flaws or some of the story, it would become a different story, and I won't destroy them. And most of my readers love them as I do and their comments tell me how much my story means to them.
I will say that one thing I have found offensive in a review is the fact a reader forgets that the stories are "fiction." I have and will continue to write the story that my characters give me, even the bad parts of life that befalls any of them. Even in fiction life can be cruel or things my change for a character. A character might have to suffer an evil act to achieve the love they are trying to find. They are stories and I write what I see, feel, hear and smell, I write their story.
But, I have found that a couple parts of my writing that changed I do not like. One is writing for the length or quick read. I am just not comfortable chopping my stories down. I also have decided that I do not care for the graphic sexual aspects. Oh I love a sensual love scene and passion rules :) but the words of our modern day that go into such intimate details are just not heart stopping or as loving as what we used to call 'Purple Prose'.
What this all comes down to is this: To my readers, don't stop writing reviews, they really are important to an author. Please don't think I don't take what you say to heart because I most certainly do. I know you may not know I can't make all the fixes, but those that I can I will. And I am going to write the story as I used to write them... for me, because I am my worse critic.
Jewel Adams Author and lover of the story.